i used to be a Niam shipper, but now I strongly feel that Zarry is real.

and yes, i just brought my old gif back. omg

 But we heard that, Niall do you think that Harry is a bit childish? (x)


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to everyone asking, no i can’t give you room 317.

im relitively close to ellen and i would never do that to her, she took it down for a reason (and a very well judged one if you ask me) and its not my place to return it to the people that caused her endless amounts of trouble, so sorry but no.

so aparently i am one of the 3 or so remaining people who own saved copies of room 317!!

the emma/harry situation explanation!

ok here we have it, ive been doing a bit of reseach on the subject of this kiss picture and here is what i have found out…

so first of all and i should mention that that does not count as a kiss, i kiss my family like this all the time (maybe thats just normal in spain) and this kiss is no tongue just a quick lip touch.

second emma is an american model, she’s used to shooting pictures for photoshoots and this is where this comes in …

guy coombes is a photographer a really famouse one and if you just read that tweet  “interesting day shooting the tabloid scandal queen @emmaostilly, get ready for the death threats! x”. ok firstly let me hightlight ‘shooting’ and ‘death threats’ and now let me just say the whole kiss between harry and emma has been staged and ‘shot’ the picture was ment to be reliced and there was nothing ‘caught’ about the whole scene.

one final note is that emma has a boyfreind, so everyone needs to calm down! there is nothing at all between harry and emma and if you’ll permit me to add a little personal observation here that one direction have been out of papers like the sun in england (that they are normally in everyday) and bravo in spain for the last three days and that on a lesser note larry stylinson have been getting pretty talkative recently and harry has been giving very non gender spesific answers to questions on girls. but all in all you can’t possibliy tell me that this whole thing wasn’t staged and that there is anything real between them, end of.

i really need to hear it so just take five seconds to please tell me if you still believe louis and harry are in love???