aniallateher asked: the songs aren't leaked love! one direction gave itunes permission to live stream it early for all of us :)

oooooooooooh. hahhaha. okay :D thank you!!

oldshittytshirt asked: Literally been looking at your blog before I was a blog owner. Love it. (: xx

aaaaaaaaaaah!!!! REALLY!?!?!? OMG. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

ifididntexist asked: Could you please vote for my 1D blog seductive-zayn here liamsmypayne(.)tumblr(.)com Every vote counts and it would mean so much! <3

Go vote for her, everyone. :)

spookyalexturner asked: oh heeyy can you gimme the link where zayn hug harry? the last gif you posted, and harry's bulge suddenly became big lol

sorry babe, i dont have it :/ im looking for it anyway though so i’ll let you know if i find it :) xx

Anonymous asked: You made a post a really long time ago about louis drinking his tea strong, milk with no sugar, do you remember where he said that ? Thanks!

i remember it was at a radio station interview, but i forgot which one. sorry :/

Anonymous asked: hi my name is kaci i am a fan of you

hi kaci =) sorry no one has been replying to you. we’ve been really busy. come off anon and we’ll talk xx

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite one direction interview, and your fav gif?

my favourite interview? any Sugarscape interviews of the boys. HILARIOUS!! and this is my favourite gif :) 


Anonymous asked: dailydoseofonedirection(.)tumblr(.)com/post/21937002916 - what's so funny about this picture??

i didn’t get it at first. don’t worry, just look at the circles and you will find out :)

Anonymous asked: oh i see, but how did the boys find out about it? and whos ellen?, and why would she have to shut the site/journal down?, isn't it just like for fun from fans, its not like she was going to publish it or anything??...

well the boys found out about it because of maz (liam’s freind) who was going to read it on video for youtube. ellen is the girl that wrote it (shes also known as lellsy). she shut down her livejornal in an attempt to stop people from sending to the boys before it was too late, but she was too late :/ no she wasnt going to publish it but it was pushing the 4th wall (the devide that keeps the celebs in question (1D) from really seeing whats going on in their fandom, which because of the strength of shipping was a good thing) she basically gave up to try and save the fandom and keep the 4th wall intacked. anything else? :)

Anonymous asked: so its like a fan fiction where their gay for eachother or like dating?? O_o im lost

yes its a slash fanfic but its rather more controvercial and ofern pornographic. all in all its one of the most shocking fanfictions ever writen but it is completely AMAZING! anyway what happened was that a novel that was only ever intended for ellens freinds and a few others got blown up out of proportion and the 4th wall got broken (meaning the boys found out stuff about the fandom they werent supposed to via the fanfiction) so ellen had to shut it down and close her account to try and save the fandom and herself/ any other questions? :)

Anonymous asked: whats room 317?

room 317 is possibly the best writen and most complex larry stylinson/niam fanfiction ever writen.

thatotherolsentwin asked: thank you for satisfying my needs on a daily basis!

hahahaha. you’re very welcome :D i want to bond with you . hahaha. omg. i’m so cheesy.

nialls-giggle asked: hello! could you follow me back? I'm a new :)

yeah sure ! i’ll follow you on my personal blog ! :) (toxophily)