Best Song Ever behind the scenes

fuck me pls

I said can I take you home with me,
she said never in your wildest dreams

i’m literally crying bc zayn looks soo hot if he was a girl and i’d bang him/her 100%




2011 Harry singing into your left ear and2013 Harry harmonising into your right ear.

i just cried for like 5 seconds


they deleted this last night so i’ll post it again because adorable

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yes yes :)


yes but the best part of the whole interview was zayn

like when the interviewer told them to go put toothpaste on their fucking face the other boys just sprinted off (fucking idiots oh my god) and zayn was the only one that just kind of stayed behind like


oh my god

and when the interviewer basically told them to take their pants off once again all the other boys just jumped up to do it but zayn


he just had no idea what the fuck was going on i love zayn

for the love of god